Being Stylish When Wearing Sneakers

Sneakers are typically considered to be very casual and even a bit slovenly. You wear sneakers when working out, jogging, or when working in the yard, so they’re not exactly thought of as being stylish. Sneakers also get dirty very easily and can be tough to clean, which also detracts from their appearance.


As unsightly as they might be, sneakers are also very comfortable and can be a good choice for your weekends and off-days when your feet need to rest and relax after being in stiff heels throughout the week. They’re also the best choice for any time you’re going to be doing extended walking, such as when you have a full day of shopping planned or for when you go sightseeing during vacation.

To wear sneakers and still be stylish, note the style. Regular sneakers and running shoes are usually consider the least attractive, but flat white oxfords can be much more appealing. These are seen as being more fashionable than functional since they don’t have a thick sole as needed for running shoes. Oxfords can also be found in any number of styles, so have fun with them. Look for bright yellow, pink and brown plaid, red and black plaid, or hot pink oxfords. When you dress up your sneakers with fun colors and patterns, they look like true accessories and not just shoes.

Oxford sneakers can be a great touch when you’re wearing shorts or a short denim skirt. Ankle socks can make you more comfortable and give you a 1950’s, retro and vintage look. You can also complement your ankle socks to your sneakers; choose hot pink socks to go with your pink shoes or red socks to coordinate with your black and red sneakers.

To wear standard sneakers in style, it’s also good to look for the right style. Many sneaker today have a bit of color to them and this can be much more attractive than old grey sneakers. A light blue or pink to your sneakers is very eye-catching. Try them on in the store so you can see the style with your jeans.

Keep your sneakers clean if you wear them regularly. You can wash sneakers in your washing machine but it’s good to wash them on their own so they don’t tear up other clothes through the wash. Add just a touch of bleach to keep them from looking dingy.

It’s also good to think about your entire outfit when you wear sneakers. If you wear your best jeans and a fun and funky tee, your casual sneakers will work out fine. If you wear dingy sneakers with outdated jeans and a shapeless and unfashionable tee, your entire outfit will look slovenly.

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