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Juliannes Hough is known for her lovely and long hair. As she is a singer and dancer her long hair is sometimes tied back. However, she does love wearing her hair loose. Her favorite long style is ‘softly cascading’ with long bangs. If you want to get her look use large Velcro rollers after washing hair with a volume giving shampoo and a little conditioner. Dry the roots and part hair from scalp all the way down the back. Blow dry the hair away from your face. Wrap two inch…

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kate-winslet STARS & BEAUTY 

The Maturing Style of Superstar Kate Winslet

Easily one of the most respected and well-regarded actresses of this generation, Kate Winslet has virtually grown up before the eyes of Hollywood. She began her career in the Peter Jackson-directed “Heavenly Creatures” in 1994, and went on to play a supporting role in “Sense and Sensibility” the following year, and of course won the hearts of audiences worldwide in the 1997 megahit “Titanic.” Since then, Winslet has been seen in such critically and commercially successful films as “Quills” in 2000, “Iris” in 2001, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”…

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Actress Anne Hathaway is one of the latest actresses to get herself a pixie cut, although her hair was cut short during the filming of the movie Les Miserables, based on the play of the same name. In the film, her character Fantine is forced to actually sell her long brown locks because of being destitute and homeless. Anne allowed her hair to be cut for real, and because of her new look, she may have also adjusted her makeup routine to suit her style. When you have short hair,…

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Have you ever looked at a celebrity and thought about how much you wanted to know their secret to looking so great? You are not along. Women everywhere are envious of a lot of different celebrity bodies and natural beauty. One of the most common celebrities that women claim to be envious of is Gwyneth Paltrow. Not only does she have a killer body, but she also looks so naturally perfect that you begin to wonder if she is actually human. Of course, we all know that she is really…

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Chances are you have a shaker full of pepper in your kitchen and on your dining room table. Black pepper, the common type found in kitchens today, is a flowering vine which is dried and then ground into the flakes you use on your table. Peppercorns, or their seeds, are also gathered and these are sold to be used with a grinder. Black pepper is native to India but is commonly used just about anywhere and everywhere in the world today. It is the most widely traded spice in the…

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