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Seychelles: Fregate Island – Granitic Rocks and White Beach Travel 

Seychelles: Fregate Island – Granitic Rocks and White Beach

Fregate Island in the Seychelles archipelago is a private island that has over the years chalked up a reputation as a getaway for world famous celebrities. Just 20 minutes by air from Seychelles main island (Mahe), Fregate got its name from the large fregate birds that visitors can still see feeding along the island’s shores. At just 3 square kilometres, Fregate Island is best explored on foot and this probably explains why it is only enough for one resort. The Fregate Island Private resort boasts pristine surroundings that few places…

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Magical Fish River Canyon, Namibia Travel 

Magical Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Despite the numerous comparisons with the Grand Canyon in the United States, there is really nothing on earth that truly compares to the Fish River Canyon. Carved by the Fish River over thousands of years, the canyon is 100 miles long close to 16.7 miles at its widest and more than 1800 feet at its deepest. Whereas these numbers may paint a picture of just how dominating this natural feature is, you have to see it to appreciate its grandeur. Today, the canyon is protected territory and forms part of…

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Sights of Southern Dalmatia, Croatia Travel 

Sights of Southern Dalmatia, Croatia

Dubrovnik Southern Dalmatia is a beautiful area with lots to see and do. The people of this area are also incredibly friendly and hospitable too and will go out of their way to help you whether you are looking for directions or a place to stay. The weather and climate here is temperate off season and Mediterranean during the summer. It is important to note that many tourists feel that the sun is particularly strong in this area so do pack lots of protective sunscreen and clothing if you are…

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The Namib Desert Travel 

The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert is widely considered the oldest desert in the world having been in existence for over 40 million years. It has been virtually unchanged for about two million years. A massive expanse of perpetually moving dunes and gravel plains stretch along the 600 miles of coastline where the desert meets the South Atlantic Ocean Most of the sand dunes are linear but there are several ‘crescent’ dunes closer to the coast with the ones at Sossusvlei being particularly noteworthy. In fact, if there is one place in the…

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Split, Croatia Travel 

Split, Croatia

Split is a beautiful and vibrant destination for a holiday or short city break and is easily accessible through its international airport. There are daily flights from Gatwick directly to Split and travelling here makes a real change from going to the Costa’s or somewhere similar. Split is a big place and at over 200,000 inhabitants is the second largest city in the country as well as holding the honour of being the biggest city situated in the coast of the Adriatic. Split has a long and interesting history and…

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Caprivi National Park, Namibia Travel 

Caprivi National Park, Namibia

Caprivi is a narrow strip of land on Namibia’s north-western corner that is probably as famous for its landscape as it is for its borders. It borders Botswana (south), Angola (north) and Zambia (north-west). So distinct is Caprivi’s culture from the rest of Namibia that it at one time was the scene of an armed conflict between secessionist rebels and the Namibian government forces in 1999. Fortunately for tourism, the area has remained calm and visitors are often surprised to hear that there was an attempted secession less than 15…

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The Beaches of Croatia Travel 

The Beaches of Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country with a lovely warm and Mediterranean style climate. It is growing in popularity as a holiday destination due to is temperate climate and its vast expanse of beaches which are largely untouched by the mass market style of tourism which is so virulent in other European beach type resorts. There are so many beautiful and unspoilt coves and sandy bays in the area that you will be spoilt for choice on the Adriatic coast. One beautiful example is Drazica beach at Biograd na moru which…

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