You may be a bit tired of your home’s décor. Like everyone else, you are putting off any changes because your budget just won’t allow it. Everyone is so tired of budgeting. Well, to be more specific, not tired of a budget but tired of a strict budget. It seems like even the smallest expense is just not possible.

If you are feeling like this, take another look at your home. Like most other homes, it is highly likely you can find a way to change the look of your home without breaking the bank. You don’t have to get yourself into debt by buying large pieces of furniture you have to pay off for years. All you have to do is opt for slipcovers.

Slipcovers are a most economical way to refresh your home if you just want a change or if your furniture upholstery is looking rather sad and worn. If you are brave enough and you have a sewing machine then try making your own. This is possible if your furniture or cushions are a straightforward shape like a square. There are many, many sites online that give you precise instructions.

However, if you don’t have the confidence then have made up by an upholsterer. If you want to keep the cost low then go out and look for fabric that is on sale. You want to find a good quality fabric that is suitable for upholstery i.e. it must be attractive but hardwearing. Before you go out on a shopping expedition get the exact measurements from the upholsterer.

It is possible to slipcover any couch, ottoman or chair. The simpler the shape the easier it is to make a slipcover. However, some slipcovers are more ornate because they have pins and / or pleats. Some have buttons and others have piping.

The reason a slipcover is so useful is because it can be easily removed for cleaning. Some enterprising homemakers build up a collection of slipcovers in different colors and / or patterns. Every time a slipcover needs a wash, they replace it with something different. This means their home always looks fresh and different and they never tire of the décor.

Some have a completely plain cream slipcover to give them a break from colors and patterns. Others go for a modern look with denim slipcovers (also very hardwearing). Cotton twill is perhaps the cheapest – it looks good and it’s soft and comfy.

Two important tips when investing in slipcovers is to make certain the fabric is washable and there are either zips or buttons to remove it easily. Before you reach the stage of having a collection of slipcovers – have an everyday cover and a holiday cover.

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