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Autumn usually means cold, damp weather and plenty of rain showers, and spring is typically just as bad. The rain is needed to get the ground ready for long hot summers, but it can put a damper on your mood and make everything seem grey and dull. If you want to add some personality and style to your rainy day wardrobe, why not invest in some fun, stylish umbrellas? These can be colorful and whimsical and can add the spark of personality you need when you bundle up against the damp weather.


To find stylish umbrellas, you may need to look online. Most stores don’t invest shelf space for fun umbrellas as they’re not always a good seller. Stores have limited shelf space and often put out only their best items, so it’s good to just search online for the fun umbrellas you want to purchase. You may even find ones on eBay or may want to shop at a children’s shop to find brightly colored and fun umbrellas.

Note the different designs and choose your new umbrellas carefully. You might want to invest in a few different styles. For going to the office, you may pick a baby blue color or a bright red, as these are more subdued than other choices. Black and white choices or a cityscape might also be a good choice for taking to the office and these can add lots of personality without being overwhelming. For your weekends when you can have fun with your style, choose bright yellow or purple with flowers. You might also opt for a fun pattern like a ladybug design or a zebra stripe.

No matter your choice for design, you still want to find an umbrella that is sturdy and that will keep you dry and protected. Choose a thick nylon material and metal rods. Plastic is also good if it’s thick; plastic may even be more sturdy and may resist wind so it won’t turn inside out. Be sure you find advertisements for “sturdy” and “strong frame,” and don’t use one you find in a child’s store for very windy days as these are typically made from cheaper materials. You might also want to find one that is long and deep so you can hold it over your entire upper body and keep yourself completely dry.

Keep your umbrella dry between uses. Don’t roll it up until it’s dried completely. This will keep the fabric new. Hang it up when possible rather than just tossing it on the closet floor. You want your fun umbrella to last for years and taking care of it will ensure you can use it for more than just one season.

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