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If you aren’t getting enough sleep then it can really affect your sex life. Both men and women will find that they have a decreased libido when they are tired. If tiredness persists for a long period of time then that can also lead to erectile problems in men. When problems start to occur in your sex life, they will spill into other areas of your relationship.

When you are tired you stand the risk of snapping, becoming depressed and being moody with a loved one. Constant arguments can prevent you from having a good sex life.

Unhappy woman lying in couch
Unhappy woman lying in couch

Research and Your Sleepy Sex Life

Research has been carried out by the National Sleep Foundation. It found that 20% of American’s have now lost all interest in sex due to not enough sleep. Think about it, the last thing that you feel like doing when you are tired is having sex!

The trouble is, more and more people are working later hours to make up for the increase in living costs. That and balancing family life can prove to be extremely tiring. At the end of the day you just want to curl up in bed and sleep for as long as possible.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then it will affect your sex life as well as every other part of your life too. You will become more stressed and driving may become dangerous. The research found that 36% of Americans have fallen asleep while at the wheel.

The problems caused by sleep could be due to a number of factors. Long commutes to work and juggling family life can be a problem. If you are stressed then you may wake up several times each night. Those who work shifts are more likely to be affected by problems with sleeping. If your partner snores then that could also be a problem.

Before you can treat the problem you need to first know its cause. The longer that you leave it, the more problems will crop up. As mentioned earlier, long term sleep problems can cause sexual dysfunctions. Therefore it is important to seek help or to try to increase your sleep as soon as possible. By following this advice you may be able to ignite the passion once more in your relationship. Remember – a healthy relationship is a sexual relationship and for that you need to be fully awake!

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