Static can create frizzy and flyaway hair which can be a nightmare on bad weather days. When the air is dry, static can build up so that your hair refuses to behave and stay in place. Trying to brush it or smooth it down with your hair can actually build up more static, making the problem worse. If your hair is naturally thin and dry this too can add to the problem, so what can you do to tame frizzy hair on those dry days ?


First start with a moisturizing shampoo to give your hair some added moisture. Dry air captures and holds static electricity and dry hair is more likely to be flyaway and frizzy. Even if you don’t think your hair is naturally dry, a good moisturizing shampoo can give it the texture it needs to stay in place and be shiny and healthy. It’s also good to use a light conditioner after your moisturizing shampoo so that your hair isn’t weighed down.

The right styling products will also keep your hair in place, but the wrong styling products will make it seem even more dry. Avoid mousse or anything with alcohol as this dries your hair and makes it even more frizzy and prone to static electricity. Try a hair balm or hair gel instead, and on days when you know it’s going to be dry and give you problems, use a generous amount.

If you can, avoid using a hairdryer to dry your hair on days when static is a problem as this will sap your hair of moisture and make it even worse. If you must use a dryer to give it style, try to allow your hair to dry on its own as much as possible. Gently towel dry it after the shower to get out any extra moisture and use the cool setting on your dryer until the last few minutes when you’re ready to style it.

An extra layer of hairspray once your hair is styled can help, but you also want to use the right brand as cheaper sprays may just dry your hair and make it feel downright crusty. Many hairsprays have moisturizing ingredients for a flexible hold so invest in a good brand.

As the day goes on, try giving your hair a small spritz from a water bottle to keep it in place. Dryness in the air is what causes static so a small bit of water can keep your hair tamed. If you don’t have a water bottle or atomizer you can take with you, get your hands just slightly damp and gently pat down your hair. This will keep it in place during the day.

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