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Using strategic eye liner is the best way to give your eyes a bold and dramatic look. There are many different ways that you can use eye liner. You can line your entire eye, partially line your eyes or create a thick line around your eyes. Another popular and dramatic eye liner style is cat-eye.

It is even more popular around this time of year because the bold, dramatic effect is perfect for Halloween costumes. Perfecting the cat-eye technique can sometimes be difficult, but by following these steps you can master the technique in no time at all.


The Cat-Eye Liner Technique

  1. Apply the eye shadow that you are going to wear. A neutral or light beige is a great idea for the cat-eye liner technique. However, you could really use any colour at all or no colour at all. The liner looks great on its own.
  2. After you apply the shadow you have to get into the correct position. Prop your elbow onto a table or counter and rest your hand on your cheekbone so that your hand is steady.
  3. Tilt your head slightly upwards and look down toward the bottom of your face, but look into your mirror. Your eyes should be slightly closed at this point, but not completely closed.
  4. Pull the skin at the outer corner of your eye taut so that it will give you a smooth application.
  5. Take a liquid liner and apply dots or dashes on the lash line, as close to the lashes as possible.
  6. Take the liner brush and draw one long stroke to connect the dots or dashes. Make the line thinner near the inner corner of your eye and gradually apply more pressure to make the line thicker towards the outer corner of the eye.
  7. The next part of the cat-eye liner is the sexy wing.
  8. Place your liquid liner brush at the outer corner of the eye and lightly flight your wrist in and upward motion towards the outer edge of your eyebrow.

Bonus Tips

The following tips will not only make it easier to master the cat-eye liner look, but it will also pull your entire look together to create a sexy, pin-up style.

  1. Start off with a thin line instead of a thick line. You can always add more if desired, but removing some would be more difficult.
  2. Experiment with different lengths of the liner wing. Everyone has their own preference to the length of the wing.
  3. After following all of the steps, curl your lashes and apply a thick layer of mascara. The mascara will help make your eye look wider and bolder than they are.
  4. To make the bombshell look complete, apply a layer of red lipstick. Make sure you line the entire lip area with the same colour liner as the lipstick so that the lipstick will not bleed. The look will be sexy, elegant and dramatic.

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