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Would you believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to hang up your clothes, and to store them in your dresser drawers? You may simply toss things in your drawers or hang them haphazardly when you change in the evening or are finished doing laundry, but how you store your clothes will affect how well they hold up against wear and tear, and will also ensure they’re wrinkle-free and fresh. Consider how this is true.


When putting clothes in your dresser, it’s best to take that extra minute to fold them carefully. Be sure they’re dry all the way and are no longer warm as heat will keep in wrinkles. For shirts, you can quickly and easily fold them by holding the neckline of the shirt under your chin, the front of the shirt facing you, and pulling both sleeves to the back so the shirt folds into three sections.

Still holding those sections under your chin, put your hand in the front of the shirt about two-thirds of the way down and pull it up so that it folds up in three sections lengthwise. Straighten it before you put it in the dresser and it will stay wrinkle-free until you want to wear it again.

One reason many clothes that you hang up get wrinkled is because they’re shoved in the closet with no chance to hang straight. If your closet is overflowing and clothes are crammed inside, they will bunch up and wrinkle or worse, fall off the hanger. Get into the habit of removing out-of-season clothes twice per year and storing them away so you have closet space, and of giving away or selling old clothes you know you’ll never wear again. When hanging up clothes, you want to be able to put your finger between each hanger as this will ensure each piece has enough room.

Take those extra minutes to hang up clothes neatly on a hanger, and if you notice wrinkles, spray them with a bit of water as the weight of the damp clothes will pull the fabric down slightly, straightening the item. Be sure the seams are even across the hanger and that the piece isn’t too far forward or back. For clothes with a wide neckline you may notice they have a long plastic loop under each shoulder; drape this over the hanger to keep them in place.

Don’t hang up heavy sweaters as the weight of the fabric will pull and cause an indentation along the line of the hanger; you may notice unsightly bulges one each side of the piece if you do. Fold them gently and store them in drawers or baskets to keep their shape.

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