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Juliannes Hough is known for her lovely and long hair. As she is a singer and dancer her long hair is sometimes tied back. However, she does love wearing her hair loose. Her favorite long style is ‘softly cascading’ with long bangs.


If you want to get her look use large Velcro rollers after washing hair with a volume giving shampoo and a little conditioner. Dry the roots and part hair from scalp all the way down the back. Blow dry the hair away from your face. Wrap two inch sections of hair around Velcro rollers. Roll your bangs inwards – not outwards. Leave rollers in for twenty to thirty minutes and lightly spritz with hairspray to hold the style.

Her makeup is ‘effortless’ and ‘flirty’ because she loves bubblegum pink lips. Outline your lips with a pencil and then shade in your lips with pink lipstick using a brush. Finish with a pearly gloss in the center of your lower lip. Dab your cheeks with the same pink blush and outline your eyes with black liner. She wears false eyelashes.

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