Actress Anne Hathaway is one of the latest actresses to get herself a pixie cut, although her hair was cut short during the filming of the movie Les Miserables, based on the play of the same name. In the film, her character Fantine is forced to actually sell her long brown locks because of being destitute and homeless. Anne allowed her hair to be cut for real, and because of her new look, she may have also adjusted her makeup routine to suit her style.

When you have short hair, your eyes are going to be more prominent because they won’t get lost in your hair falling over your face. This is a good time to consider your makeup choices so that your eyes stand out but aren’t overdone. Anne typically uses neutral and natural colors that are warm and perfect for her big brown eyes, and you can do the same no matter your eye color. If you have blue eyes, choose pink or a light shade of brown to add depth and dimension to your eyes, but tone down how much eye shadow you wear. You also need to add some eyeliner and mascara to help them stand out.

Women with pixie cuts may also find that their mouth is more prominent, as this too is not competing with their hair. The right lipstick is vital when your lips take center stage. Anne often prefers a ruby red lipstick that is a great contrast to her pale and delicate skin. For yourself, rather than use Anne’s shade, be sure you find something that works for your skin tone and coloring. Ruby red may be too bright for you, so choose a candy apple red or something with a slight bit of orange to tone it down. Because your facial features are so much more prominent, you need to ensure you’re choosing the right colors.

Along with changes to your makeup, you may want to reconsider your jewelry and accessories when you have a pixie cut. Earrings will show up more readily so longer, statement earrings should only be worn for very dressy occasions. They may seem out of place when you’re in the office since they’re more visible. To keep your pixie looking feminine, add a nice clip at the hairline or use a round brush and a blow-dryer to add volume and movement. Anne’s hair is starting to grow out and she usually wears it tousled and full for red carpet appearances, so do the same for yours.

Take a cue from how Anne wears her makeup with her pixie and make changes to your look when you get your hair cut. This will ensure you look red carpet ready just like Anne.

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