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Sales are a great time to pick up the best bargains and to be able to afford items that might otherwise be out of your reach financially. A good sale can help you to stock up on what you need for a season or to tuck away items you’ll need next season, and they can stretch your wardrobe budget so you can indulge in a few fun and fashionable accessories. As great as they are, this doesn’t mean that you should snatch up everything you see during a sale, as this might mean actually wasting the money you spend.


The first thing to do is avoid buying anything you know you won’t ever actually wear and enjoy, no matter how cheap it is and no matter the designer label. A cheap silk skirt is a great bargain when it’s been marked down and is on sale, but if you don’t work out of the house or know it will be too delicate to wear to the office, it will simply sit in the back of your closet and collect dust. The same can be said of those platform shoes that are too high and too tight for your feet, that little black dress that you will never wear anywhere, or a cashmere sweater that’s too dressy for everything else you have in your closet.

The next consideration is that you never want to buy anything that isn’t your size and that doesn’t flatter you, no matter the savings. You may be thinking that you’ll lose weight and be able to squeeze into that smaller size, but chances are this won’t happen and your purchase will be a waste. Keep in mind the color, cut and material of any purchase. A dress may be a beautiful shade of ivory but if you’re blonde with fair skin, it may make you look washed out. It doesn’t matter the price; it’s a waste of money if it’s not flattering on you. A cut that hits you in all the wrong places, that is too low along the neckline, or that is just plain uncomfortable should also be avoided.

Once you know what to avoid during sales, it’s time to consider what you want to snap up to save money and get the best bargains. Classic cuts are always the best selections because these never go out of style. As an example, pencil skirts are timeless and are typically slimming, so stock up on these when they’re on sale. Wardrobe staples that give you more options for creating outfits are also good choices. These might include simple turtlenecks, straight leg trousers for the office, pumps and Mary Jane style shoes, button-down silk blouses, and dresses in a straight cut are perfect choices, so when they go on sale, be sure you stock up!

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