If you’re planning a wedding and have one or more bridesmaids who wear plus-size clothes, you’ll want to give some consideration as to the style of bridesmaid dresses you choose. Not all cuts are flattering for plus-size women, so it’s not good to simply choose a larger size of the style you want for your bridesmaids. Dresses with too many ruffles or overly full skirts can give someone an even wider silhouette, whereas other cuts can actually slim down her frame.


A more simple style of bridesmaid dress is usually the best choice for plus-size women. One popular style today is a dress with gatherings and pin pleats, but this can make a woman seem heavier. Layers of ruffles will also spread out her silhouette, and a skirt that is full and flowing may also make her seem wider than she actually is. If you choose a dress with a simple skirt and bodice, this can slim her down.

While many brides want a style of dress that is full and feminine, a slim cut is often better for a plus-size woman. Don’t assume that a slim cut dress will call attention to her frame; it will actually trim down her silhouette. Rather than an a-line skirt or something swingy and full, choose something that hugs her hips and tapers to the end. Many dresses today are also designed with gathering around the waist and hips to keep the dress snug. This too will help to create a more slender frame.

Longer dresses and those with sleeves may also be a good choice for plus-size women. Longer dresses will cover their legs if they’re not exactly shapely, and sleeves will cover their upper arms. You may not want long sleeves and these aren’t appropriate for a summer wedding, but consider short sleeves or cap sleeves to provide some coverage. If floor-length dresses are too formal or not to your taste, choose a length that at least covers the knees.

The material of bridesmaid dresses for plus-size women should also be considered. Some cheaper polyester blends will tend to gather around the hips and waist, which can be very unsightly. Organza or tulle often keep their shape better so they lay better on her frame. You might also consider a lace overlay to hide some figure flaws.

Have your bridesmaids try on the different dresses you’re considering before you make a decision. No two women have the same figure, including plus-size women, so you may be surprised at the flattering choices you find. Get their input as you want them to feel comfortable and look their best, and this will create a lovely wedding party for everyone.

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