The Best Diabetic Socks can Help Manage Foot Complications

More than 25 million Americans–roughly 8 percent of the U.S. population–have diabetes, and grapple with the daily challenges of living with the condition. Whether it’s careful dietary planning, adequate glucose monitoring, keeping a good fitness regimen, or overall wellness, diabetes presents many challenges.

Individuals with diabetes are often required to pay close attention to the care of their feet in order to prevent various diabetes-related foot conditions, some of which can be extremely painful and health threatening. One type of product specifically designed for this concern is the diabetic sock, which helps to promote good foot health and comfort.


Diabetes is known to cause nerve damage, which results in a decrease of feeling in the foot, which can lead to potential injury. As a result, many diabetics may be unaware of foot problems and put off necessary treatment. Diabetic neuropathy can cause extreme pain in the feet and legs of diabetics, due to damage of the small veins that supply blood to the body’s nerves. Diabetes can disrupt this natural process, which leads to injured veins and trembling feet, is a common complaint of diabetics.

Foot care is extremely important for diabetics, particularly those who wish to lead active, mobile lives, and the best diabetic socks offer tremendous relief and reinforcement. The benefits of top rated diabetic socks include:

  1. Prevention of moisture trapped inside shoes and socks from seeping into your feet.

Excess moisture can lead to the breakdown of tissue between the toes and on the soles of the feet, resulting in callouses and extremely uncomfortable fungal infections. Feet should be kept dry at all times, but diabetics in particular must take special care in order to keep moisture away from their feet.

  1. Increased blood circulation.

Since slowing of the blood’s circulation plays an equally crucial part in foot complications, diabetic socks provide the gentle support and padding that keep blood flowing to the feet. Tight socks can actually be a detriment to healthy blood flow, and excess glucose in the blood stream can further hinder circulation in diabetic feet. Because socks for diabetics do not have restrictive binding at the top, they will not interfere with blood circulation, but actually help to improve it.

  1. Less irritation.

Because diabetic socks don’t have seams, rubbing and prolonged irritation are limited, helping to prevent blisters and sores.

  1. Less Pressure.

Generally we view socks bunching up around our feet throughout the day as a commonplace annoyance, but for a diabetic it can actually present greater complications. When a sock bunches up in the shoe and around the feet, it puts pressure on the foot, leading to pain and discomfort that can exacerbate existing conditions. Diabetic socks are wrinkle-free, and are designed to stay in place to prevent excess pressure and irritation.

Socks for diabetics are designed to promote moisture balance, blood circulation, and gentle support of the feet. By working to prevent diabetes-related complications of the feet and legs, diabetic hosiery help you to enjoy the healthy, active lifestyle you deserve.