A sleek ponytail is a style that can easily take you from day to night, and it’s a great choice for warmer weather when you want your hair off your neck but aren’t looking for a fussy, tight ballerina bun. If you have frizzy or flyaway hair, it may be difficult to get a sleek ponytail but a few simple styling tips can create a stunning look.


First start with clean, damp hair. Apply some styling gel or hair balm. Mouse may not give you enough control for a sleek ponytail so choose your styling products carefully. Add a few drops of your product and work it through your hair.

Next, use your hair dryer and a large flat brush and blow-dry your hair, working from the crown to the roots. Never aim the hairdryer up your hair as this will separate the hair shaft, causing split ends and frizzy hair. Dry it straight down from the part all the way to the end, never pulling it back or over your ears. You want to create a flat look for your sleek ponytail and avoid too much volume or style as this will pull your hair in different directions once you put it up. The flat brush will pull your hair straight and give it a sleek shine so be sure you use it when drying your hair for a sleek ponytail.

Once your hair is dry, you want to use the brush to help you create the ponytail. Just grabbing your hair and putting it in a band or clip will allow it to stay loose, which is the opposite of a sleek ponytail. As you pull your hair back, brush it on both sides, from the underside, and from the top. Keep doing this and hold the ponytail tightly as you go along, until all the sides are flat and sleek.

Wrap your holder around your ponytail and pull it tight so that your hair is flat and smooth. Give your hair a light spritz with hairspray and use your hands to smooth is down yet again. This will keep it flat and sleek all day.

If your hair is very thick and curly, you might use some clips to keep your hair in place in your ponytail. Typically the hair over the ears starts to separate from the ponytail so small clips on either side can work, or you might consider even wearing a headband with your ponytail. This is a great look for business or daytime and you can change your hair accessories for nighttime when you want something a bit dressier.

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