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The color camel is a great choice especially for wintertime and especially for blondes and brunettes, as shades in the brown family of color always coordinate with their hair color and skin tone. Camel can add some color to your skin during the winter months when your tan might start to fade, and it’s neutral enough that you can pair it with a number of other color choices. Because it’s such a unique color you may want to consider a few tips on wearing it properly so you always look your best.


First note that you want to coordinate camel with other shades in the brown family, including dark brown or light shades of tan and winter white. The color typically does not blend well with black or pastel tones. You can also wear it with rusty reds, darker shades of yellow, and earthy shades of green. Think of colors you see during autumn and those will be the ones that fit well with camel.

Also, the shade is darker than most so you want to avoid pairing it with dark shades other than dark brown. If you wear a camel colored sweater, dark brown trousers or a skirt may be appropriate, but too many dark shades and you’ll look muddy and overdone. Often a came color skirt with a sunny yellow top can be a good choice, or you might try winter white trousers with your camel sweater.

The color is very neutral so it’s also good to think of how you can dress up an outfit when you wear camel. A camel color coat is a good choice for a brunette or blonde, but a fun and fanciful or colorful scarf can be needed to keep it from looking drab. If you wear a camel sweater with dark brown trousers, add some chunky gold jewelry for added flair. Wear an oversized leather belt in a rusty red with your camel color trousers.

Camel colored boots and accessories are also a good neutral choice for the winter but don’t try to match these to a camel colored outfit as you’ll be overdoing it with the color. Wear these with a nude or sheer dress or something in the brown family, or with your best jeans and a brown tee. A camel color handbag can get you through the winter and coordinate nicely with your coat, but consider swapping out to another bag when you wear camel in your outfit.

Neutral colors like camel are good to have in your wardrobe but you do want to use some caution when wearing them. Dress up the color with something brighter and bolder and you’ll have a winter wardrobe that’s perfect for you.

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