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Do you want to write for FemGuide? Check out the information below to get started!

What isFemGuide about:

FemGuide is the newest women-magazine in the UK and the US market. We always aim for the most interesting topics, advices and stories for and about women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Our goal is to make FemGuide to a woman’s daily destination, where she can come to connect, share advice and engage in conversations. With FemGuide women are always well-informed about everything which is important in a woman’s’ life. Help us to make FemGuide alive!

You – A FemGuide Editor:

If you are a creative, original and fun-loving person who never stops thinking about new and interesting topics , than you definitely should be in our team. We are always looking for freelancers who will enrich our creative team. Your writing style should be colorful, interesting, inspiring and should encourage the readers to continue to read. Your articles are well researched and you want to inform the readers in such a way that they are eager to read all your articles and want to have more. We are looking for essential and profound articles.

You are the one who will electrify the women’s’ world with your super sensational ideas.
Some of our inspiring past articles, so you can get a feeling what we are looking for:


Things we are looking for?

Our articles have to be researched in an appropriate way so that our readers do get first class information based on quality facts. The writing style should be of high quality jet easy to understand and fun to read. The articles need to be original and especially written for FemGuide. The article should be clearly arranged, logical and well thought through. Headers, bullet points and numbered items will make the article even clearer. We are looking for articles which are no longer than 400 to 600 words depending on the subject.

Some ideas for the structure of the text:

  • Quick tips for …
  • 10 short tips
  • how-to guides
  • Bullets or numbers
  • Top 10 list
  • Checklists

How to submit an article:

Before submitting your article to our editors, please make sure you meet all of FemGuide writers guidelines and requirements:

  • Each article is filed individually
  • Each file is marked with the according header
  • All articles are send in one e-mail or contact form (user “Sending Article” as Subject
  • Articles are send within a deadline which is based on a mutal interest
  • Articles are completely original, and are not published anywhere else on the web
  • Articles are written in a completely unbiased way.
  • Article length 400-600 words (will be discussed beforehand)

Please note that only articles which meet the above requirements can be further processed by our team.